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    Cr3ativeX by Searchlight & Web3SD

    Cr3ativeX by Searchlight & Web3SD

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    Cr3ativeX Athenaeum - San Diego An AR Showcase About Cr3ativeX Athenaeum In Ancient Greece, the word Athenaeum referred to buildings dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, and in particular to a temple in Athens where poets, philosophers, and orators gathered to read and discuss their work. In honor of this age-old civic idea, SearchLight will partner with organizations, communities, and cities to explore the Web3 implications on the urban landscape by showcasing creatives and artists interrogating notions of place. Cr3ativeX Athenaeum will debut in San Diego on October 22, 2022, in tandem with the San Diego Web3SD Conference.


    Be sure to claim an exclusive Searchlight "Proof of Presence" token by checking in at any of the experiences on the San Diego map.


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